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I like anything exotic
I really like architectural design, minimalism, anything with woodgrain (except station wagons), desks/workstations, neuroscience, engineering, nature, hippies, (marijuana), hammocks, food and periodically my orientation will get the best of me and a cute boy will get posted.

Amazing Drone Footage of Hong Kong's Uprising

Drone bans will stifle creative storytellers from sharing this perspective.

If you have a bike, I request your attendance.

Port of Dallas

Fascinating! Damn them for the location of diverted flow! No river walk for us

Pay with your Phone - Faster, Safer, Smarter

Literally every time I hand this to a cashier, they tell me it won’t work and it does :0

New gadget lets police detect when you're texting while driving

Good thing all I send are iMessages..

New gadget lets police detect when you're texting while driving

Oh my gosh! #SELFIE!

How do launch numbers for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S phones compare? - TUAW

Alex Oj Garrett Chace

Self Lender - Join Self Lender Today

Any young person with limited credit history could benefit from this, so cool!

It’s essentially a 0-interest savings account that ‘pays’ you in credit reporting.

19 Things Everyone Who Sucks At Texting Understands

I feel great shame for sharing a buzzfeed list, but it so applies to my life.