Reblogging ≠ creativity.

I like anything exotic
I really like architectural design, minimalism, anything with woodgrain (except station wagons), desks/workstations, neuroscience, engineering, nature, hippies, (marijuana), hammocks, food and periodically my orientation will get the best of me and a cute boy will get posted.

Dallas’ new bike czar is ready to roll

How I feel about the #crossfitgames #sport?

Research: Human friendships based on genetic similarities beyond the superficial

This apparently also applies to dating partners for gay men.

Just Add Sugar


Puppy Party

Just thought I’d Cher Lloyd this

Dr John Rengen Virapen (1/4) Big Pharma Whistleblower Speaks Out at the AZK in Germany (Full Edit)

Prepare for bratwurst.


The MRIs were…annoying. No one loves spending Sunday afternoon in a MRI coffin more than me. Top that off with two turkey basters full of ultrasound imaging gel squeezed up your butt and you’re in for a real treat.

The next Tuesday…it’s really our day, Dr. Fab (and 6,000 other doctors on his team…

Comedic relief in the form of autocorrects

Cake by the found(ation)

He want that cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

Peeling Sticky Tape Produces X-rays | IFLScience

Okay so let me get this straight…. you can use it to make graphene, and it also emits X-Rays?! wtf, Scotch

Christmas in July

Um wut?! :) #RedPartyReveal