Reblogging ≠ creativity.

I like anything exotic
I really like architectural design, minimalism, anything with woodgrain (except station wagons), desks/workstations, neuroscience, engineering, nature, hippies, (marijuana), hammocks, food and periodically my orientation will get the best of me and a cute boy will get posted.

Work Begins to Put Huge Park on Top of the 101 in Hollywood

Your move, Dallas.

Why Uber must be stopped

Dean Kanellopoulos you’re just such a philanthropist for doing this. #slowClap

I’m sad that I already used up all my “this is everything”s and the “I just Cant”s


Wunderlist | To-do list, Reminders, Errands - App of the Year!

Wunderlist is so f*cking amazing. It’s truly everything, It’s giving me life and I seriously just cant right now.

Betty Who - High Society - Official

Chardonnay? Nah.

How to turn small talk into smart conversation

So next time you’re at The Round-Up Saloon and Dance Hall don’t ask every person you run into “how are you?”.. #Guilty

Christine Cruse Warrick here

Artist attempts to create most frustrating products imaginable - Imgur

These each made me giggle. Yes I said giggle. And yes that giggle sounds just as annoying as you’d guess after the tenth picture.